Living with an autoinflammatory disease (AID) or supporting a family member or friend with one can often leave you feeling isolated and frustrated. The autoinflammatory diseases website has been developed to help you understand the symptoms of AID, its diagnosis and the various treatment options available. You’ll also find many useful videos, articles and publications to support you in talking to your healthcare professional, connecting with the AID community, the benefits of treatment and adapting your lifestyle.

Understanding Rare Autoinflammatory Diseases

Autoinflammatory diseases are conditions where the inflammatory response appears to occur “on its own” in response to invading germs which are not present. Because the immune cells act as if they were fighting germs, an inflammatory response results that affects the entire body causing a disease flare including fever, rash, joint swelling, pain and fatigue.


About SJIA

Systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis is a rare type of arthritis that causes inflammation in young people.



About AOSD

Adult-onset Still’s disease causes inflammation that results in joint damage, high fevers and rashes.



About FMF

Typically inherited, FMF is characterised by recurrent bouts of fever with accompanying pain.


Autoinflammatory Diseases (AID)

Affecting less than 5 out of every 10,000 people1, recurrent autoinflammatory
diseases (also known as Periodic Fever)  syndromes are rare diseases with
differing symptoms. Symptoms of these autoinflammatory diseases include
recurrences of fevers lasting more than 24 hours, which are often accompanied
by rashes and joint pain.


Support Groups - Uniting our Rare Community

Living with a rare autoinflammatory disease is different for everyone. It can be difficult for them as well as their family. Find out how different people around the world deal with the physical, emotional and mental impact of periodic fever on their lives, as well as helpful advice for you and your family, here.

1. Ciccarelli F, De Martinis M, Ginaldi L. Curr Med Chem 2014; 21: 261–269.

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